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Direct Dyes
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Direct Dyes are widely used as pH indicators and biological stains. Substantive or Direct Dyeing is performed at or near boiling point in a mildly alkaline or neutral dye bath after adding either sodium chloride, sodium sulphate or sodium carbonate. Direct Dyes yield bright colors, are directly absorbed by fibers and find applications in dyeing and staining cotton, wool, silk, paper, leather and nylon.
ME Dyes
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Mild Exhaust Dyes exhibit superb fastness properties such as washing, peroxide bleach, chlorine, rubbing and perspiration. These dyes are highly suitable to dye cellulosic materials by either continuous dyeing, cold pad batch or exhaust processes and provide a more desirable reproducibility in dyeing. ME Dyes exhibit high fixation,alkali stability and have an excellent leveling property.
Acid Dyes
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Acid Dyes are usually sodium or ammonium salts of sulfuric, carboxylic or Phenolic acids. They are soluble in water and lack affinity for cellulose fibers that direct dyes have while having an affinity towards amphoteric fibers to which they affix by hydrogen bonding. Acid Dyes find use when dyeing protein fibers in the textile industry, to color basic tissue proteins in laboratories and as food colorants.
Cold Brand Dyes
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Cold Brand “M” Dyes require mild conditions for dye fixation. Dyeing is performed using soda ash or sodium bicarbonate at temperatures ranging between 25 and 30 degree Celsius in soft or softened water. These dyes are used on cellulosic textiles by either semi-continuous,continuous and batch-wise processes. A wide range of fast and bright shades is made available by this class of dyes.
HE Dyes
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High Exhaust Dyes are widely used to dye cellulosic fibers at temperatures ranging between 80 and 85 degree Celsius. Combination shades have high reproducibility and it provides excellent light and washing fastness. The high fixation, substantivity and tinctoral value are a particularly desirable property of these dyes.High fixation is useful when dyeing polyester and cellulose blends where the ratio is to material is quite high.
V S Based Ramazol Dyes
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Vinyl Sulphone Based Ramazol Dyes are used to dye cellulosic fibers by cold pad batch, continuous dyeing and exhaust dyeing processes. These dyes are also used in the printing industry where resist and discharge printing styles are used. VS Based Ramazol Dyes have excellent solubility even in alkaline environments and have excellent fast and light washness properties. Having medium substantivity to cellulosic substrate helps achieve an excellent leveling property.

Providing a wide range of Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes and Direct Dyes...

About Our Company

Vedant Overseas is a well acknowledged name of the dyestuff industry who came into existence in the year 1984 with the technical team of Mr. Mahendra (B.SC Chemistry) and Mr. Nikunj (B.E. Chemical). Working from Gujarat, India, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. Our more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of the dyestuff industry enable us to become a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Textile Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes and Direct Dyes.

Our complete range is get huge appreciation from the clients for their excellent solubility, good dyeing force, purity, bright color and long shelf life. As provided Reactive Dyes, Textile Reactive Dyes are easy to use and free from impurities they have huge demand in the dyestuff industry. Moreover, all these features increasing the usage of our products in textile, leather, paper, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Being a responsible firm, we have an attitude of respect towards the protection of natural resources. Our sensitivity is reflected by our active participation in various workshops, events and other programs focus on environment. We are a part of The Green Environment Services Co-operative Society Ltd. and strive hard to reduce waste by the means of reuse and recycle.

Quality Policy & Customer Service

We believe in maintaining strong and trustworthy relationships with the clients and business friends through high quality dyeing solutions. Our customers are the top most priority for us  as company's failure or success is depend upon their satisfaction level. To exceed the expectations of our patrons, we produce the product line by innovative and eco-friendly methodologies. As the level of competition is increasing day by day in the dyestuff industry,  we feel that quality is the best way to eliminate it. Thus, we have maintain high standards of quality in our products.

Our Lab Facilities

With the purpose to test the quality of our dye colors, powder and other allied products, we have installed the below enlisted equipment in the laboratory:
  • Automatic Dyeing Machine
  • Electronic Balances
  • Leather Dyeing Machine
  • Pad Batch Dyeing Machine
  • Shaker Bath
  • Solubility Bath
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Washing Fastness Light Fastness Machine

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